on Friday, August 20, 2010

For me a piece of Heaven on earth exists while sitting with a child in the glider that is in the corner of the boys nursery. I almost didn't buy that chair 5 years ago when I found out that I was finally going to be having my first batch of kids. It was so darn expensive that I went back and forth on the purchase & in fact it was the very most expensive item we purchased for the nursery. It has certainly paid it worth back in dividends. Every night when I put the boys down they all will remind me of that chair when they say, "I wan rockie". You can say it has become a tradition. I often feel so guilty wondering if the kids get enough love & attention but the chair has helped to make many of those feelings go away. I'm pretty sure it makes all of the difference for the kids to even have just a few minutes to themselves in that glider...I know for me it does. Guess you could say that if anyone were to come and ask me what my top picks on a must have list for a Mom, then I would without a doubt say a gliding chair.

***The above was posted over a year ago on the family blog. As I rocked little boys last night I thought about this post because in just one year things have changed. It's amazing what happens when 2 year old boys turn 3..no more holding still. That is why a "flashback" was necessary today.