{small town in the summer}

on Wednesday, June 30, 2010







In a small town they sure know how to make good use out of things.

There also seems to be a different kind of mentality in a small town..like when I went to the local beauty supply shop and had my kids waiting while I checked out and the lady just kept on talking on the phone about her Cancun trip..she REALLY wanted to go back just in case you were wondering.

So there is no sense of urgency in a small town....which isn't always a bad thing. I think I may have even caught the "no sense of urgency bug" so for any of my blogging friends I am sorry that I haven't been around much to give you some blog lovin. You see there is the issue of a SLOW dial-up farm computer. I am also thinking it is so nice to slow down every once in a while just like the computer in these parts and enjoy the scenery. Actually I think all people could benefit from slowing down sometimes..except when driving in the fast lane.

I also had a daydream about taking the Airstream featured on the cover of my above Sunset magazine and camping for a month up and down the Pacific coast..sounds wonderful.

Anyway I will be back soon if I don't crash Grandma's scooter like I almost did the other day. Oh and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the nice comments about the girls room..ever heard of Christmas in almost July? Speaking of July, I can't believe tomorrow will be the 1st day of July in the year of 2010.

Does anybody else know what I am talking about when I say that the sound of sprinklers watering the hay fields is therapeutic?

Favorable Modern House Cedar Clad Exterior Design

on Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This modern house creates social interactive, especially kitchen design, and others space provide interconnected open areas. Cedar clad wall at exterior provide explanation architecture that built with simple and clean geometric forms. The house design structure has favorable setting and utilizes the abundance of natural light made possible by the site’s elevation. This modern house has two-storey open living room, large sliding glazed doors and a walk-out rooftop patio. Designed by Linebox Studio inc..

Modern and Luxury Furniture Interior Natural Home Design Ideas


Architectural design is very popular right now is an ideal design for the modern home complete with a versatile design. Especially in the family room design that provides comfortable atmosphere when all family members gathered setlah not met all day because their activities are very full. This design with a sense of kinship and togetherness can be created again because the family room is fully designed by renowned architectural designer. you can change the atmosphere becomes like a family room that we recommend. let us build our family to stay intact.

The girls room - edition 1 {budget style}

on Sunday, June 27, 2010







Good morning! Hope everybody had a great weekend.

Well here are the updated pictures of the girls room. It has been a VERY long process.

About 3.5 years ago I was about to go on bedrest with my triplets. Being that the girls were 2, they still slept in cribs but with 3 on the way we had to act fast because we needed to free the cribs up. At the time I was so short on resources because I couldn't do much of anything but roll from side to side in my bed and all of our pennies had to be saved for what was about to come ...thus the room stayed frozen with just 2 beds for quite sometime. It was so hard to put operation decorate girls room on hold because I don't like unfinished things and decorating is sort of an outlet. Anyway it has been a very slow process but I am done with phase one (meaning super budget style room). I would like to eventually finish the window treatments, have the desk lacquered and add a few quirky pieces to the room. For now we are just going to call it good and be happy that the project was done for under $250.00. I must note that the ONLY way I could get the room to look this good without spending the money was because my Mom was my free and very good seamstress for most of the bedding. Speaking of bedding, the duvet covers only cost $12.50 a piece because Mom took 2 sheets from Wal-Mart (2.50 a piece), sewed some really cool trim into the top piece then sewed them together and put buttons @ the top. I then found 2 twin comfortors on clearance @ Ross for $5.00 to put inside of them. Besides painting, the other main DIY project was taking Modge Podge and scrapbook paper and adhering it onto a piece of cardboard and then putting the trim around it to go behind the girls beds. We all know how cheap scrapbook paper is. That framed scrapbook paper project was actually the first one to be completed over 3 years ago and served as the inspiration for the rest of the room. As for the fabrics and trims..they were all purchased at discounted places. Believe it or not but that cool fabric on the lucite chair has been some that I collected over 7 years ago. I have loved it for so long and was so happy to be able to use it for this little project...I seriously think I bought it for $2.00 a yard. The rest of the furniture & accessories were thrifted, purchaed on Craigslist or bought @ discount places. Anyway a big thanks to my parents for helping me. I am so excited to see it come this far but can't wait to finish the other little projects to make it more complete.

Truly, if anybody is intersted in the play by play report or the resources let me know because I would be more than happy to share.

UPDATE: For the play by play report on the above space go HERE.

Futuristic Beach House Design With Beautiful Garden Mansion

on Saturday, June 26, 2010

This futuristic house design based on mansion with beautiful garden. Although futuristic, the quotation of local ornamental and traditional patterns are embedding the building in its context. The building itself creates generous spaces within a beautiful and relaxing environment and is following the idea of a unique oasis for its inhabitants.

Futuristic Beach House Modern Pics layout

Futuristic Beach Living Space Design

Futuristic Beach Living room Design

This house has refreshing and relaxing ambiance. Perfect for weekend house. The buildings lines flow like a gentle wave above the ground. Maybe this is futuristic luxury design next. Designed by Project A01 Architects.

Sustainable Architecture Home with Style Elegant Classical and Modern Design


Classic and Modern Home DesignThis is an example of sustainable architecture design for luxury style elegant office design ideas. The modern office building with natural trees landscape and beautiful. This modern building office design with the butterfly shaped roof is creative idea, an innovative concept with style elegant and luxury interior design. Natural ventilation make the office seen comfortable. air filtration with style elegant of these construction. The interior workspace is warm and furniture with elegant. The room design an elegant creating a comfortable environment for the company’s employees. Here it is best modern sustainable architecture design for luxury style elegantoffice design pictures gallery for your inspiration.

Classic and Modern Home DesignClassic and Modern Home Design

Luxury Hotel Interior Modern Design

on Friday, June 25, 2010

Hotel Interior Design Ritz
Luxury Interior design Ritz
Interior Design Ritz

Staying at a hotel can be one of the best, and most relaxing experiences that many people will ever have, especially if the hotel of choice is a luxury hotel. Finding a luxury hotel that will meet your vacationing or weekend getaway needs may take a little digging, but it will be well worth it.

What is a Luxury Hotel?

Interior design Ritz
Interior design luxury gold interior
Lobby Bar Interior Design

Hotels are given a rating from zero to five stars - five star rating being the best. When a luxury hotel is rated, there are different things about it that are given a rating, and the rating is averaged to give it the hotel star rating.

In the United States, Europe, and England, there are star ratings for hotels, though each area uses a slightly different way to rate them. The star rating is meant to help people who want to choose a luxury hotel based on certain criteria.

Restaurant Interior Design
Ritz London Hotel Design
Interior Restaurant Ritz

Room size, comfort level of the room and especially the bed, noise level audible in the room, cleanliness, decor, amenities provided, and service of the luxury hotel staff are all rated during the overall process of reviewing the luxury hotel. The bottom line, though, is that if you want a luxury hotel, you will want to look for a four star rating at the least, and possibly a five star rating.
Restarant interior design classic
Interior Design Restaurant Ritz London

The star rating is not the only thing which distinguishes a luxury hotel from other hotels. Most often a hotel will be considered a luxury hotel if the rating is at least four, and there are other unique things about the luxury hotel, such as a particular focus or special perks that are not common to other hotels that are not considered to be in the luxury hotel category. Having a spa, in room massage, offering child care, and even having a special theme throughout the hotel may help as one establishment is deemed a luxury hotel.

Special Perks

Usually a luxury hotel will offer special perks. You may be able to find a luxury hotel that will offer perks and amenities in almost any area including family fun, romantic adventure, and exotic treatments.
Finding what you want in a luxury hotel can make your vacation time or weekend getaway even more memorable.
Bedroom interior design ritz
Bedroom Interior Design Ritz

There is a luxury hotel option available in many price ranges and one can be found by looking for the star rating. Make sure when you look at the rating of a luxury hotel, you look at the ratings for the individual categories that have been rated. If comfort and room service are more important to you than space and a blow dryer, then give those things precedence over the other.
Classical itnerior design ritz
Ritz Interior Design

Office Decorating Ideas


Do you need office decorating ideas for your home business? Here they are! Having a workplace at home takes adequate planning, time and effort. Don’t worry, we know what we’re talking about. We work at home, too...just like you!

This web site will not only provide you with decorating ideas, but ways to create a productive work environment within the walls of your own house or apartment.

With more and more people starting to work at home, the need for office decorating ideas keeps growing. But where is the best place to start?

First you need space.

Identify how much space you need and how much you have available for your home business.

For some, a simple desk in the corner of a kitchen is enough. Many others need a light, spacious room to work at home. But, how big are the pieces of office furniture you plan to use? Are there sufficient electrical sockets in the room for lighting and for cable or wi-fi internet connections? Do you have enough filing cabinets for organizing your paperwork? Do you need space for storing inventory or other home business necessities?
Always decorate the walls with decor you like to look at!

Framed art prints and posters work best when related to your business, especially if you have client meetings at your home office. Also, if inspirational quotes or stories help keep you going, frame them and hang them up! Use your favorite colors and your favorite types of decor. Make your home office feel special to you!

Ensure clients don't have to cross your living room, kitchen or nursery before entering your home office. And of course, make sure you have comfortable chairs that fit the style of your office, along with idea-inspiring industry reading material should clients need to wait to speak with you.

Have bottled water, juice and coffee on a nice serving tray ready for enjoyment. It doesn't take much to have these little niceties ready, and image counts!

Even though you work at home, you're still running a business and clients expect an accommodating environment.

Stylish clocks, calendars and chalkboards are great office decorating ideas for any home business. If you don't have a lot to spend on office furniture, at least spend alittle more on your office accessories such as your desk lamp, desk chair (for your comfort), and other office supplies. They'll help keep your workplace contemporary-looking.

Keeping up with technology is also necessary for any home business. If your clients can see your work area, these tips are especially important. Once again, image counts!
Create a relaxing, but professional atmosphere without any distractions.

Most small business owners spend more time in their home office than in any other room in their house.

A good view and relaxing colors (blue, purple, green) can be very comforting.

Clutter is distracting. A clean, neat and efficient home office will improve your productivity when you work at home.

But don't forget to inject just as much love into decorating your workplace as you would in decorating any other room in your house. Have fun creating a comfortable, efficient, and client-friendly (if necessary) area for your home business!

If you’re living in an apartment and there’s only one cramped room available, you might just need some office decorating ideas.

Why not paint the walls white and use a large mirror to open up the space? Also, try to decorate with lighter colors. Darker colors will make the room feel smaller and more closed in. Make sure to plan for the possibility of needing a larger space in the near future, too! Think big!

Interior Design Tips For the Living Room

on Thursday, June 24, 2010

The active allowance is the best accepted abode in a abode for the ball of guests. This is why it is acute that this breadth be busy and fabricated into a affable atmosphere to ensure the abundance of visitors. The blueprint of the allowance charge breeze able-bodied and all items begin actuality should bout with the all-embracing affair of the room.

The best basal tip for designing a active allowance is authoritative abiding all colors and capacity begin actuality fit together. No clashing colors of any affectionate unless that is the appearance desired. Also, never mix avant-garde appliance with old ancient pieces. Carpets and apparel on the windows should bout up to ensure that the apartment blush arrangement ties together.

The appliance and agreement of appliance can additionally add to the all-embracing aftereffect of the room. The colors and appearance of appliance should alike with added colors begin in the room. Placing the appliance about the axial focus of the room, in best cases a television, promotes accord of the area. Pieces of appliance in this allowance accommodate couches, recliners, end tables, and television stands.

Other items that can enhance the agreement of a active allowance are accessories and added items that could be advised decor. Different types of lamps on end tables or pictures that are afraid on the bank accord the active allowance a airedale sense. If a broiler is begin here, decorating the crimson is additionally an option. Also, some bodies put a bar in this allowance for the confined affair to guests.

The active allowance is the breadth of a abode breadth best alive hours are spent. This breadth is acclimated to absorb guests, lounge around, or can be a assignment station. It is cardinal that agreement be acclimated accurately to actualize acceptable breeze and use of ablaze in the room. The best autogenous architecture tips for the active allowance should agency in the abundance of the buyer and guests.

{wide bottomed pants and averages}


Why is it so easy to go from liking this...


to liking this....



Probably because they both look so good. I do have to admit though that for years I have been a HUGE fan of wide bottomed pants..

Also I was thinking the other day that Motherhood is kind of crazy because one day you are on cloud nine and then the very next day you want to run away. Weird how that happens...good thing for averages.

{here, here, here}