Four Different Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

on Saturday, May 7, 2011

Four Different Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If you think a little, you wlll find many ideas for Painting your Kitchen Cabinets. Cabinetsforkitchen presents you four different Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets.

Idea No.1: Paint Your whole Kitchen the Same Color
Keeping your kitchen one color is the easy way to paint your kitchen cabinets, and most likely the least time consuming.

Idea No.2: Paint the Frames and Cabinet Sides
You don't have to paint your entire kitchen. Just paint your cabinet boxes and frames if needed, then purchase thermofoil doors.

Idea No.3: Paint Only Doors and Drawers
One of numerous ideas for painting kitchen cabinets is to stain and finish your wooden doors, drawers, and frames, but then add a painted wainscoting to the corners of the cabinets. It will provide your kitchen a nice contrast, and a cottage kitchen look. You can always mix painted wood with stained in a kitchen.
There are many other ways to do this and variations. One is, if you have open cabinets, bases or uppers, you can line the interior of these open areas with the painted wainscoting as well.

Idea No.4: "PICKLE" Them
This is really a form of painting, and I think is one of the neater ideas for painting kitchen cabinets. You put a light coat of flat, usually oil-based paint on your kitchen cabinets. Let it dry slightly, then wipe it off before it completely dries. This let the paint to seep into the grain, but not as much on the surface, leaving a white washed or pickled effect on your kitchen cabinets.
Depending on the wood you use (for example, birch or maple would pickle more uniformly) you can get quite a variation. Do test by staining on several scrap pieces of wood before you decide how you want to proceed. This will help ensure you like your results.

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