Black Kitchen Cabinet Doors

on Monday, April 4, 2011

black kitchen cabinets

If you have lots of windows and is large sized, then black kitchen cabinets would be a great idea. In fact, it will enhance the look of your kitchen. It is not even necessary to paint all the cabinets black, you can make a nice contrast with black and white that gives a striking color scheme as well as a modern touch.

black kitchen cabinets

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Black

If you have decided to paint your kitchen cabinets black, first clean them properly and wipe away all the grim and dirt either with a soft cloth or a scrub that is slightly wet. You might want to clean the cabinets with ammonia based cleaner to clear off grease or any remaining residue from them. Secondly, if the cabinet wood finish or old paint is glossy and smooth, a mild sanding will be needed. This will ensure that the surface is rough before you apply another color so that the new paint can easily stick onto the cabinets.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Black When you are done with sanding the cabinets, clean them with water and soap. When they have dried, apply painting tape to the edges of the cabinets, on the floor, counter tops, walls and other surfaces to prevent paint from getting into places where you do not want it to go.

black kitchen cabinets

Now you are ready to put the first coat of black paint or primer. For black paint, it is advised that you use grey or black primer to save time and money. At least two coats of primer should be applied; allow it to dry, this usually takes at least 4 hours. Primer is important as it sticks really well with the cabinet surface and helps to protect the paint in case of any damage. If the previous paint color of your kitchen cabinets was also black, you can skip the primer, but if you are changing their color, primer is necessary.

Once the primer has dried, start painting the cabinet doors. Try to use easy and steady strokes while painting. Apply at least 3 to 4 coats of black paint and leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Black cabinets look great in a kitchen that has a light colored d├ęcor. Everything black would just darken your kitchen and make it look dull and dreary. Thus, before painting your kitchen cabinets black, have a good look at your kitchen and decide what will be the best option for you!

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