Kitchen Design Ideas

on Monday, February 28, 2011

Kitchen Design Ideas

Your ready to design and plan the new kitchen. We do so much more than just cooking and cleaning in the kitchen these days, so its important that your kitchen looks and feels great for you, and that a potential kitchen redesign needs to be well thought out. Heres some tips on what you should consider before you start.

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Make a list of what the key elements that you want to achieve with your new kitchen. This is important if you want the new kitchen to work for you. One thing you should do right at the start is establish what styles of kitchen you do and dont like. Modern? Traditional? American? European?

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The best thing to do in the early stages if you are unsure is to visit a kitchen showroom and see as many different styles as possible. Often a kitchen design that may look stunning online may not quite suit when seen up close, so look at many different styles to eliminate those that you definitely cant live with.

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What shape is the room and how is the new design going to take advantage of it to best effect? What configuration is your new kitchen layout going to be? L-shaped, galley? Do you have space for a kitchen island? Breakfast bar? TV? Sofa?

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If you have no idea of what layout would suit your space, then it might be worth contacting a specialist kitchen designer, either visiting their showroom or getting to come to you home to discuss ideas and measure you up. They will consider things like the 'working triangle', the number and type of appliances you need, and things like ensuring you maximise your natural light.

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Try and get a feel for the budget that your aiming for. If your handy or have access to some hand family or friends, installing yourselves can often keep costs down, but ensure that your skills and stamina are up to the job.

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Also ensure that your budget allows for your choices of the essentials such as worktops, handles and flooring but also the extras such as appliances, sinks, taps and lighting. The choices made for those can easily turn a reasonably priced project into a budget buster. Maybe opt for 1 or 2 extra special touches to start, and then upgrade as and when finances allow.

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