The Functions of Home Gardens

on Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Garden design
The person who buys or owns a house would normally expect any remaining land that can be used for parks. The existence of a garden at home actually has many functions. Besides beautify the home, the park also makes the atmosphere of the house is not barren. A home will feel comfortable and look attractive if it is equipped with a garden.

Home Garden

But not every home can have a garden. Look at the dense settlements located in different urban areas. Even if there are any remaining land is generally not used as a park, but ample parking for motorcycles, shop, or add house building.

Home Garden

The existence of an exterior garden, is actually very important. Parks are not just empty space filler, but has many functions and roles are much larger. Some of the benefits of home gardens are as follows:

• Parks that contain live plants provide a balance of houses built with stone and cement. This balance is important to make the house so it feels more comfortable and pleasant as a place to live.
• Plant located in the park will provide an important contribution to the circulation of fresh air and clean for residents. Especially if we live in urban air pollution level is high enough. In place of this kind can act as a buffer park ecosystems and the supply of oxygen and clean air is healthy.
• Park also serves as a useful recreational arena for family members. Moreover, when large exterior garden big enough to play and gather with family, would be useful to improve communication.
• Parks are also useful as a medium or a means to fill the occupants of the home or for hobby gardening. Fatigue or stress experienced while working in the office will soon disappear by simply watering the plants or look at and enjoy the beauty of the existing plant.

Given the importance of the function of the park, there's nothing wrong if you are trying to present in your home garden. Wherever you live and how many pages there are also extensive, you can make it. If widespread home page is frail, you can create a garden with pattern attached to the wall. Make it buffer the plant from the order wire cemented to the wall. After that place the potted plants on it.

So also when there was nothing left page, you can still make a garden to get around the existing space. For example by creating a hanging plant. Of course, this model was made by adjusting the remaining exterior conditions. Make a buffer or a place to hang pots from two or four iron rods connected by wire.Good Luck....