Modern Floral Japanese House Interior Design with Garden Inside

on Thursday, November 4, 2010

If you want to feel the natural atmosphere like in Japan, you can try to build this natural Japanese house architecture. Use the simple design of the house and the minimalist living concept, we will understand with the basic concept of the house. Use the white color for almost the whole painting of the house; we will be more extra discipline to use the materials along the house. The Japanese garden house d├ęcor was filling in almost every single room and the free space of the room. Use the glass as the reflector to show the large of the room, this material also help the owner to stay care their kid’s activities. From the Japanese garden house layout we will know that the natural design living concept was can be combine with the modern living style. The ergonomic house design was attractively match with the design of the garden inside and the decoration. Along the glass material that separate the first room with the kitchen room, we will see the green Japanese kitchen design. The simple contemporary design of the kitchen was smoothly combine with the modern design of the house. So, event you were stay in America or UK, you steel can feel the ambience of Japanese along this floral Japanese bathroom design.