on Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The alarm went off yesterday at IKEA after I couldn't quite make it to the above little boy before he opened the door that had emergency and alarm written in red all over it. It made me think about the day before when the alarm in my house had not sounded to let me know a child had vacated but yet I could not find "Choaney boy" anywhere. As I quickly took inventory of my house I finally found a little boy asleep in my bed with all of the blankets covering him from head to foot. As I admired the way he looked all snuggled in my bed I noticed he was a little sweaty just like I was a little sweaty from trying to take control of a little situation @ IKEA. See I guess sometimes we do have things in common like sweating..other than that I could just swear that we haven't been sharing very many common things...like interests and such. For example if I want him to do something that I take interest in he wants to do the opposite.

P.S. - I would like to take this opportunity to fully apologize to the Meghan Bunker party for having to endure the noise of that alarm in the name of my little boy. So sorry about IKEA not being able to turn it off fast enough.