spray paint and a few items of business

on Friday, October 8, 2010



Hi there!

I am home and still trying to play catch up but quickly wanted to touch base.

First item of business: I love Canada and thank you to every single one of you that sent emails and left comments on what to do and see in Victoria. What is the deal with Canadian air? (Rosaleen, I took a few deep breaths just for you..hope you could feel it all the way in Africa). I think it may have been the most quality oxygen I have ever inhaled. It felt so clean and crisp. I will be back soon with a few pictures of the trip and it is my hope that all people get to go and experience Canada with all of its very nice people.

Second item of business: Remember when I used the below spray paint for my glass balls? Well I had some leftover spray paint from that project and sprayed the glass inserts to the above chrome side tables...I like it because it gave the tables a new reflective mirrored look..I recommend giving this spray paint a shot if you want to mix things up with anything glass.



One of my new friends Kiran is awesome. She blogs over @ Genuine Elegance and wanted to know about some stuff like what kind of person I was before I had kids...Lets just say that I didn't drive a mini van before kids but there is a chance that little factor has changed. Go check out Kiran's blog here.

Also, thank you to Jen from Organized Design for featuring me here. Jen is a blogging Mom from Salt Lake who has a degree in interior design but a passion for organizing..I need you @ my house like right now Jen.

Wishing all of the love muffins out there a most fabulous weekend!!! xx

P.S. - I promise to get back to every single one of your that sent me an email while I was away.