on Friday, October 22, 2010

PhotobucketPhotobucket is the weekend. It has been such a great week. In fact it has been one of those weeks to where I want to stand up on a large hill and declare my deep satisfaction of being a you know that feeling? In fact, my heart has swelled so many times that I thought it would just burst. I really appreciate the opportunity to have the influence of such sweet little children in my home. I mean I can not even begin to express my deep gratitude for this opportunity in really is a miracle. I often marvel how one day I really think I am getting this whole life with kids and then the next day I am ready to throw the towel weird how things shift so quickly around here. This weekend we are trying to put together a few budget friendly outfits together for some pictures and I need some inspiration. Kids are not only so cute but serve as the best examples in word and deed, I do believe.

Also did you happen to catch the post over on haute mama daily about her friend's baby nursery? Go here for more info and a little interview with the Mom and designer behind this adorable space. Here are a couple of pictures:



Have a great weekend friends!