on Monday, October 18, 2010


Yah they're cool and all (the kids) but sometimes they like to take little situations into their own hands. I'm not just talking about face painting but why we are on the subject...why wouldn't a kid want to take a crack @ painting all over their brothers face after having that same thing done to them at one of their favorite stores. I mean after all they did have fun and so why not share it with the rest of the world..and not to mention my kitchen table. They even did it after I warned them that you have to use a "special" paint that washes off and not the kind that was used to paint on plastic. I fully watched them as they went against what I said and just let them do it. You see these sorts of things just happen..quite a bit in fact. Learning to pick battles is huge over here. One of the battles I have learned to not fight is the battle of a perfect house. That is even funny that I have ever thought that things would look clean all of the time. In my eyes as the manager of my home I thought for sure I would bust out the stainless steel cleaner at least twice a week to keep that fridge of mine sparkly clean. Apparently though I have bigger fish to fry like sand shovels in the toilet and then toilet water all over the floor..good thing only a few bobby pins perished in the act...oh and a few Barbie dolls (but we aren't talking about that).

Anyway I think I have made the point clear that when you have kids you don't have a perfect house and if you did then that would be scary...I think..but I wouldn't really know for sure because I've never had it. I really don't want my house to be devoid of all signs of kid life but I don't totally want to be over-ran by kids either. There is that whole balance thing popping up again. I swear everything is about balance...kind of tricky in my book. That is why I am so excited that Kirsten over on 6th Street Design School this week put together a series about having kids and good design at the same taime. It is called good design * kids in mind. Go check it out here.

Now if I could only I could get my disaster zone cleaned up in a timely fashion. Didn't quite make it to the dishwasher/sink station last night.