birthday treats

on Wednesday, October 20, 2010


May I present the above as the aftermath of one of the most celebrated days in our home. For without the birth of my husband I would not be married to him..(pretty profound). For some reason when I am focused on making a cake for him I can really feel the love.

The annual "love cake" was a salted caramel chocolate cake and was supposed to look like this (same place where the recipe resides). It was a very sophisticated & rich cake. I didn't think the kids would have liked it, but the bittersweet frosting did not keep them away from partaking of it. I thought it was very tasty but recommend doubling or tripling the salted caramel recipe because there was not even close to the amount needed to have the cake look like it did in the picture. Last year the love cake was this and still ranks as one my top favorite cakes.