small miracles

on Thursday, September 9, 2010


Breakfast is my favorite. Yesterday as I was making pancakes I thought about how many times I have walked into where the boys have been sleeping and how they look like little puppies all huddled together on a full size bed. The really fascinating part is that half of the time they are situated on the bed in the same position that they were in the womb. It's the coolest thing. I never want to forget life's smallest miracles.
Speaking of small and simple miracles, I have also been thinking about when my husband & I had a hard time having kids. We were called to serve as primary teachers at church to teach the 3 year olds. In fact it felt like our eternal calling @ church because I think we had that calling 3 different times in a row for a span of 7 years. Anyway I remember thinking, "why even prepare a lesson for these little rugrats because they don't even listen to a word we say". Then it hit me really hard...what really mattered most was that these sweet little children just felt loved more than anything. I approached our Sunday lessons a little differently from there on out. We had so much fun & came to love that age group. Anyway I needed to reflect back to that time in my life because we are so in that same stage again except my calling has changed to mother and it really is eternal.
Who cares if the house is messy becasue I am gaining a new hobby today...playing with trains.
Heaven help me.
Why is it always easier said then done?