models and photography friend

on Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am loving the most recent photoshoot with the above model that my friend Michelle Herrick shot. Not only is the photography, hair, make-up fabulous but the model is beautiful. I wish I had the cahonies to pull the above hair style off. I love it.

Speaking of having pictures taken it is getting that to be that time of year to start thinking of the annual family pictures. Michelle took our pictures last year as seen here. Actually to be honest she takes pictures for me quite often because she is my bud. In fact, she recently shot a bunch of pictures for some product that I made for a wedding (refer below). Anybody up for some modeling..I'm serious, email me (

I was thinking about this year and taking our annual family pictures for the Christmas card and thought about those gorgeous sunflower fields just before you hit Flagstaff. Have you seen those fields? Well as I was talking to Michelle the other night she mentioned to me about her cool mini sessions that she is doing this year and I thought there may be some people out there that would be interested. Check out the flyer below as well as her blog here. Hurry before she books up. I highly recommend her and her skills. Also she has a brand new website here if you wanted to check it out.