RESOURCES, resources

on Saturday, July 10, 2010

{photo via my house)
I was thinking that if I was I needing something to make myself feel good about myself then I could talk about the fact that I fed triplets for a whole year from milk that came out of my body. Alas, have no fear because seriously that whole "feel good" part has already been taken care of by SO many of my friends and fellow bloggers. (don't be sad that this post isn't about breast-feeding..ha)

Anyway, thank you, thank you to everyone that linked the girls room on their blog. In fact, I'm pretty sure if you had to see it again you would probably think, "Not that room again" but I must mention that I have this cousin friend named Jenny who authors a blog called A Little Green Notebook...anyway I am really quite fond of her and as promised all of the resources are up over there so if you are interested then head over yonder to the Notebook. GO HERE.


P.S. - Have you seen that price of formula lately? That is why I tell people I breast fed triplets for so long but really it was because I was part lazy and loved to be forced to sit down A LOT..ha
Don't tell husband because I milked that one so many times if you know what I mean. I even told him I was a very precious RESOURCE as my milk was liquid gold. I'm sort of not kidding.

P.S.S - The cheapest place I could find the flower mirror besides Home Goods a few years ago was at a shop online but they have since sold out. You aren't going to like this but the second cheapest place is online at High Fashion Home. If anybody knows where to get this mirror (or a look alike) for less than $599.00, pls. pls. share.