Fluff N Stuff

on Friday, July 16, 2010


So lately it has just been easier to post pretty pictures with not a ton of commentary. Trust me though I have lots of commentary going on in my head that I would love to share but the days do not have enough hours so @ this stage in life we're are keeping things very light & fluffy. Don't get me wrong, I love the fluff, for it certainly has its place as a nice diversion and an outlet. Recently though, one of the dialogues that has been running through my head is how there is so much hope to be had. Sometimes it is easy to feel heavy because of despair or discouragement. I mean life has a way of not going as planned or throwing us some major curve balls at times but I take great comfort in thinking about the whole picture and why we are here on Earth...and isn't that crazy how we are all in this together? Then I think about a funeral I attended a few weeks ago. I was reminded about the fact that our Savior is the most kind and merciful Being. He will always give us the benefit of the doubt. After I was reminded of that I felt more hope then I had felt in a very long time. Hope is a very good thing you know. You know what else...really good people who inspire when they are alive inspire even that much more when they die. I don't know about you but I don't want to die a loser..therefore I am very happy today for another crack @ life...I am going to try really hard not to curse in my head (or out loud) today even if my whole bottle of Costco cinnamon spills all over the floor and then little kids have a party in it. I'll admit it I was a little put out but then when I went to use the vacuum the next day I discovered that it sent the most beautiful cinnamon aroma throughout the house...my kids really are the genius ones and I should be taking more notes from them because I'm thinking the world is such a better place because of children. You know what else I am going to try and stop feeling so darn guilty all of the time for not being a better Mom. I mean there has to be enough guilt so that I want to do better but "come on" at some point stop the guilt. I never knew how much guilt comes with being a Mom..sheesh. There I feel I little bit better that I had a chance to go beyond the fluff a bit.

Happy Monday!

P.S. - We took all of cribs down last week. The boys old room now is starting to look like the above. The above rough draft is inspired by the hot air ballon, bike, and plane art. The room will be titled the, "we are going places together room" and is all about travel and heritage.