Elegant Ceramic House in Madrid with Stunning Multi-Level Interiors

on Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The project is called "House of Ceramics" and made the attic space above the building's old. Here is some information from the architect: "As if the design of three-dimensional object, all points of a room or house was placed by identifying the coordinate axes. The result is the power to move around within a few square meters at different altitudes, up and down, offering new experiences roominess in the context of home: to see where the transition between the bedroom and. allow continuous flow of free movement at many levels. Flexibility to change layout of this house is an innovative housing concept to adjust to the real needs and new uses. Where the flow time of brightness and roominess , in a non-point utilities or prioritize. "We must say that we are surprised by this idea, but we have to wonder how much intimacy can this type of scheme will be provided.