{small town in the summer}

on Wednesday, June 30, 2010







In a small town they sure know how to make good use out of things.

There also seems to be a different kind of mentality in a small town..like when I went to the local beauty supply shop and had my kids waiting while I checked out and the lady just kept on talking on the phone about her Cancun trip..she REALLY wanted to go back just in case you were wondering.

So there is no sense of urgency in a small town....which isn't always a bad thing. I think I may have even caught the "no sense of urgency bug" so for any of my blogging friends I am sorry that I haven't been around much to give you some blog lovin. You see there is the issue of a SLOW dial-up farm computer. I am also thinking it is so nice to slow down every once in a while just like the computer in these parts and enjoy the scenery. Actually I think all people could benefit from slowing down sometimes..except when driving in the fast lane.

I also had a daydream about taking the Airstream featured on the cover of my above Sunset magazine and camping for a month up and down the Pacific coast..sounds wonderful.

Anyway I will be back soon if I don't crash Grandma's scooter like I almost did the other day. Oh and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the nice comments about the girls room..ever heard of Christmas in almost July? Speaking of July, I can't believe tomorrow will be the 1st day of July in the year of 2010.

Does anybody else know what I am talking about when I say that the sound of sprinklers watering the hay fields is therapeutic?